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 We are Never One, Always Many

I center my life around the liberation and healing of all oppressed peoples, with particular care for my fellow queer, trans, and intersex people of color (QTIPOC).

For years, I have been a grassroots organizer for Black LGBTQIA+ self-determination, prison abolition, and our collective liberation as intersectional beings. Born from two generations of mixed race families, I know that we need a diversity of thinkers and doers to intentionally envision and create our liberated future. Now, I support organizations like yours throughout the United States to be models internally for the change you seek to make in the world externally.

"Remember: Everything can work in a way that is comfortable and fluid for everyone. It takes leading with intention to turn your values

into action."


This is me

What is the cost of incremental change when we are all intersectional beings?

Let's be real: failing to truly implement intersectionality affects more than just your organization's image.


Studies(1)(2) show that a lack of intersectionality praxis leads to:

  • high turnover rates

  • ineffective strategic planning

  • limited organizational capacity

  • less impactful programs

The monetary cost of not fully and flexibly understanding and implementing intersectionality - at all levels - is too high to bear.

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Our organizations are only as effective as they are inclusive of the vision, ideas, and influence from multiply marginalized leaders.

You can create space for the fullness of everyone starting now.

Let's Meet at the 
Intersection of True Change



Equity & fairness is possible for everyone involved, regardless of positions or identities. Through Contextualized Root Cause analysis, participatory action research, and centering those most affected, I help your organization operationalize your values to build a future where you truly embody equity both internally and externally.


We are never one, always many.

To embrace change and embody the future we are all building towards, we must embrace intersectionality praxis. I help your team move to a uniquely grounded personal and collective understanding of intersectionality to lead together towards positive change.


A deeply satisfying excursion into the fullness of intersectionality, I bring to light the true meaning of intersectionality and its implications in today's "DEI" context. With a spirit of openness to difference, I bring forth ways to move forward with intention and equity in our personal and professional lives.